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Rewards & Recognition

Recognition is important to Cohesive. It is critical to employee success and we understand that. Recognition instills pride, contributes to job satisfaction, promotes involvement, raises morale, and inspires loyalty. We have a valuable awards and recognition program that rewards employees on their outstanding contribution upon completion of each year.

Referral Programs

We welcome referrals of any candidates would make an outstanding addition to the team. We are looking for professionals committed to creating, who developing, and implementing innovative technology and business solutions for our customers. We pay a referral bonus to employees/consultants for candidate referrals for contract or full-time positions. The amount of the bonus will be based on the candidate's qualifications, credentials, level of experience, and conditions of market demand.

Career Advice

Advance your career with Cohesive Technologies’ expert services. Good preparation is your key to success. From resume advice and interview tips to networking know-how, Cohesive Technologies provides tools to increase your chance of landing that ideal job. At Cohesive Technologies, we are committed to helping people succeed and hold their own in a thriving and competitive market. Selling Your IT Skills: Selling and highlighting your credentials, particularly in today's market, is not always easy. Here are some tips in preparing a presentable and marketable IT resume.
IT Skills in Demand: We feature a few specific areas where we are seeing consistent growth in job requirements.
Writing an Effective Resume: Most recruiters or employers spend only a few minutes assessing your resume. Find out what they want and expect to see.
Interview Response Strategy: Competency-based, or behavioral, interviews are the most prevalent style and require you to describe specific experiences that demonstrate your competence. Review typical questions as well as sample questions you might ask.
Interview Tips: Review these time-tested tips to make your next interview go as successfully and smoothly as possible.
Psychometric and Personality Tests: Prepare yourself for psychometric assessments and personality tests, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in the interview process.